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Colin is a Tutor and Course Organiser of
the Arthur Findlay College,
Stansted, England
and a Tutor and Demonstrator at the
Spiritualist Association of Great Britain,
Belgrave Square, London, England. 
He is a Registered Spiritualist Healer and is
a Public Demonstrator of Mediumship. 
He is a Teacher and
Lecturer of Mediumistic Development
for Beginners, Intermediate and
Advanced Students. 

Colin is a sincere individual who approaches his teaching with honesty and sensitivity.  A prime focus is to encourage each person to embrace their humanity and spirituality by discovering their true sense of self within their mediumistic development.

His understanding of healing and harmony, blending and linking, allows him to offer a wealth of experience presented in a simple and yet illuminating manner.  He encourages students to recognise their strengths, and, how to create the conditions necessary to build or fine tune their spiritual and mediumsitic abilities.

His teachings include  the understanding of mediumship, plus, mediumship and the mind.  The use of symbols, colour and visualisation techniques.  An in-depth look at the Philosophy of Spiritualism along with Healing and Prayer.  Platform presentation and Private sittings are also addressed with guidance on Clair-sentience, Clair-voyance and Clair-audience. 

His students in the UK and abroad find him to be generous of spirit and caring of nature.  He is able to perceive the potential within each person and provide an environment that empowers their confidence.
To check his availability for your venue or for private sittings please email Colin at info@colinbates.org

Colin is serious in his endeavour to promote
Spiritualism, Spirituality and Mediumship,
in a professional and focused way,
with compassion and patience.